• Rotary Blades

  • Cutting Mats

  • Fabric (new and leftover)

    • Quilters Cottons

    • Polar Fleece

    • Flannel

    • Denim

    • Batting

      • Cotton (queen size, only)

      • Leftover cotton batting

    • Do you have polyester at home? We accept it.

  • Unfinished projects

  • Light fixtures


Singer- Heavy Duty Sewing Machines (10 needed for student teaching)

FLEECE- 200 yards per year goal

Wraps- accident and abuse victims. 130 yards needed
Baby Coats- sizes extra small to 24 months.  30 yards needed
Slippers and Scarves - 10 yards needed


FLANNEL- 400 yards per year goal

Receiving Blankets and Quilt Backs - 333 yards needed
(Donations made to Rose Advocates, Veterans, Payette Nursing Home, Church of the Brothern, Hope and Rachell Center)


COTTON FABRIC- 1500 yards per year goal

Quilt Backs and Quilt Fronts- 1008 yards

(72 quilts on average per year are donated to many organizations and individuals in need including: Rose Advocates, Veterans, Nursing Homes, Hope and Rachell Center, Love Inc. Hands of Hope, Graduating Seniors, Fund Raisers, Senior Centers, Treasure Valley Relief Nursery, Relay for Life, Wicap, Payette School Store.


BATTING- 100 batts per year goal

Queen and King size batting- 50 batts (we can use 1 kings size batt to make 4 crib size quilts.)
Full Quilts- 30 batts