Quilting group provides comfort for community

The Argus Observer

The Ripper Quilt Club members care about their community, and they show that through generously volunteering their time to make blankets, which are then given to local groups. Counted among those recipients are first responders.

Both the Ontario Police and Fire departments were recently gifted 20 fleece blankets, each, to be used in the field.

The departments will keep their blankets in their respective vehicles and will give them out as needed in the field, according to Ontario Police Chief Cal Kunz, who expressed his gratitude.

“They donated their time and effort to do that,” he said. “It’s fantastic to have those kind of things in patrol cars.”

As officers come across various scenes, they can give the blankets to a child to provide them comfort.

The police and fire departments often respond to incidents together, and first responders are willing to share them amongst each other. For instance, if a firefighter didn’t have a blanket in his truck, he could request one from an officer at the scene, and vice versa.

They were kind enough to bring 20 each for the police and fire departments. First responders will put them on their rigs as well, and will share them if necessary.

“One way or another, we’ll get them out in the field,” Kunz said.

And the quilting group told the chiefs to call them when they run out, and they’ll make more.

“It’s pretty cool, in my own experience, when you have these things in the car for children,” Kunz said. During traffic accidents or unusual events, it’s “amazing how much difference a little thing like a blanket or stuffed animal can make.”

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